mercoledì 22 aprile 2009

Bad habits are hard to eliminate

The first thing I post today is “my list” of the typical errors we make when writing. I read the linguistic feedbacks provided by our teacher to group 3 and 7 and here it is my list: “OF”, over-used preposition in Italian and under-used in English; “USEFUL FOR”, this adjective is followed by “for” and if there is a verb, it’s in the –ing form; “THAT and WHICH”, relative clauses; “COULD vs WAS ABLE TO”, general ability vs specific situation; “COMMAS after subordinators”; “quite LONG SENTENCES that should be simplyfied” and the use of the article “THE”.
I accepted the “challenge” and I went back and see if I was able to correct my own blog posts. Well… it’s a difficult task, but very useful for us since we are expected to make improvements in accuracy. I decided to compare my first blog posts to the last ones. Some “bad habits” still resist ( quite long sentences that should be shortened; for ex. In my last post about the evaluation of the sources of information, my “stream of consciousness” about the “authority” is a bit confused. Now I pay more attention to prepositions, but maybe it’s “exploring on Google” ( I wrote exploring Google blogs…), right?. Uhmmm… I try to correct myself, but I’m not sure of my own corrections :-(...

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