lunedì 30 marzo 2009


For the joy of her students, every week our teacher makes us explore different tools that could help us to use the Internet for our learning and searches....Though some of us (and this is my case...) seem to be really scared of technologies (but we really don't know why...), we always try to do our best (well, not always indeed...I still feel "that little snap on my face"...) and this week it's been the "social bookmarking" turn!! Where do you start when you search on-line?... This is the fundamental question... Well, I'm used to choosing a keyword on Google and if I'm lucky, I soon get what I'm looking for. But, suppose you're not home and you don't have the chance to work on your personal computer, but you want to save on-line... Before discovering I used to paste my stuff on a Word doc and send it to my e-mail address! Now, somewhere, somehow... Delicious has been created to make your life easier!! "It is a social bookmarking"; it works like Google, but it's a smaller community. It allows you to tag, save, manage and share web pages all in one place! You can bookmark any site on the Internet and get it from anywhere. You can share your bookmarks and get bookmarks in return, also through your personal network. That's what I did with Federica and Mario. Mario posted sites on manga, music etc... After a coffee and cigarette with Jimi Hendrix, I decided to have a look to one of Federica's choices: "Farvo: the pronunciation guide". During my week lessons, I've noticed I still have little problems with my pronunciation... so having a look to this site could be useful for me... I can train myself with the pronunciation of those English sounds such as "th" which are unknown in my native language.

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