domenica 15 marzo 2009

Language learning targets

Unfortunately last week I was absent and I couldn't reflect upon my "next language learning targets" in class, but I did it by myself...
I think I have no great difficulty in understanding extended speech even when it is not clearly structured, but surely I still have to get familiar with the complexity of some topics sush as for examples those dealing with computers or specialised languages. So I have to extend my personal vocabulary above all with terms belonging to professional sectors and colloquialisms.
I really have to improve my oral skills as well. I think I can deal with most situations, but my aim is to express myself fluently and spontaneously without searching for expressions. I gained most competence in languages inside formal education and the attention has always been put on text writing and homeworks. Now I've got the possibility to interact more with other people thanks to group discussions in class and thanks to blogging, which allow me to make comparisons and monitor my progress. So I'm ready for this new experience even if "it's a long and winding road"!!;-) At the end of the course I would like to say: " Ok Sere, this is what u've done and what you have achieved!!". Now I'm getting familiar with the blogosphere, but as soon as I'm able to know how things work, I'll post everything I find that might help me to achieve my language targets.

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