mercoledì 11 marzo 2009

My child is born!

This is my first-born and just like all the mothers in the world I'm proud of it!!
I'm still trying to understand what this means to me... "I have to feed it" and "I have to take care of my creature"... It needs my help to grow up and I will do my very best because my desire is to create it in my own image ehehe... Jokes apart, I'm supposed to be serious now; this is my very first post and I would like you to have a look of what my first impressions of this new experience are...
To me blogging means to share something with somebody else. Blogs may include visual elements (texts and pictures), but also videos and audio files and they could be more than just a way to communicate something. They can become a way to reflect on life, works and culture and above all a way to interact with other people. And that's my purpose! As a student I want to improve my reading skills as well as my communication skills, and if I can do this with a little help of all of you, I'd be happy!! Collaboration is join me guys!!

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